zaterdag 15 oktober 2011

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Theo Altenberg - Schnecke

Theo Altenberg is not just a painter man. He is a man of many talents. In these seemingly random splashes and smears of mixed oily color, the viewer finds himself looking for scenery, people, recognizable forms. Whether this was Altenberg’s intention or not is irrelevant. What matters is that it gives us pause. We look. We see.
source: aphysicalfraction

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vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

Nicolas Provost - Long Live the New Flesh 2009

'Long Live the New Flesh' wich premiered in competition at the Berlin International Film Festival (11 - 21 February, 2010), is a found footage film in wich existing fragments from horror films are transmogrified into a new film. Long Live the New Flesh deploys a digital technique with painterly quality in which the images literally consume one another and the horror in all its visual power is brought to a natural boiling point. All the ingredients that have secured Provost's experimental art films their international success are once again present here. Provost strips down the imagery of a mass medium, uses it to construct a new visual story beyond the dissection and horror, and allows the viewer to cross every phase of the emotional spectrum.
Nicolas Provost

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Long Live the New Flesh 2009 (excerpt 01:17)

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donderdag 13 oktober 2011

Michael Beitz

Michael Beitz:
My current work is concerned with parallels between human emotional states and the mass produced design objects we live with and within. I explore ideas through drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. My experience as a furniture maker working in various shops for the past ten years has started to influence my present work, as I have started to use furniture design itself to discuss and interpret my own interpersonal relationships.

roswell museum and art center

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Michael Beitz
(youtube channel)

woensdag 12 oktober 2011

Mahesh Baliga

The works of Mahesh Baliga resonate with the rhythm of the immediate. He is a painter of his surroundings. However, he does not make naïve very similitude of what he sees around. Adding a pinch of humor, Mahesh transforms the quotidian into surreal. This surrealism is not a direct outcome of his subconscious meanderings. The socio-political awareness of the artist comes to the fore as certain persisting concerns. He employs a very minimal narrative to establish or deconstruct the very notions of reality, perception and comprehension in art.

Rebel Graffity

dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

Rosa Menkman - Collapse of PAL

Plot: Collapse of PAL tells the story of the PAL signal and its termination. This death sentence, although executed in silence, was a brutally violent act that left PAL disregarded and obsolete. While it might be argued that the PAL signal is dead, it still exists as a trace left upon the new, ‘better’ digital technologies. PAL can, even though the technology is terminated, be found here as a historical form that newer technologies build upon, in- herit or have appropriated from. Besides this, the Angel also realizes that the new DVB signal that has been chosen over PAL is different, but at the same time also inherently flawed.
Rosa Menkman


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Avalanche 2010 (03:26)
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