vrijdag 31 augustus 2007

Hanneline Visnes

HannelineVisnes is known for her breathtakingly intricate, highly crafted drawings and paintings which often employ repetitive floral patterns reminiscent of Persian tiles and entangles them with heraldic, religious and memento mori iconography such as skulls, eyes, feathers and candles. It is these enigmatic motifs alongside the abandonment of the single-point perspective that produce fantastical portals and scenarios full of contradictions, doubt and fragility inviting the viewer to question the symbolism and to develop narratives in their own mind.
bron: Wandsworth Borough Council

donderdag 30 augustus 2007

Karolina Sobecka

Karolina Sobecka works with interactivity, installations, video, animation and other new and old media. Her art and design are daily basis attempts at making our world more beautiful and meaningful. Her artistic interest is strongly stimulated by the advances in science, technology and philosophy that shape our understanding of ourselves and our world.
bron: ZeroOne San Jose

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»sign movie

»dorsal ventral asymmetry

woensdag 29 augustus 2007

dazzle camouflage

A dazzle-painted ship was like an enormous cubist painting with great sheets of ultramarine blue, black, and green, sometimes parallel but more often with sharp corners cleaving into one another, and although you don’t quite make it out, you can divine a reason, a plan, a guiding principle, a scheme.
—Rene Gimpel Diary of an Art Dealer

dazzle camouflage

dinsdag 28 augustus 2007

Marjolijn de Wit

In de landschappen van Marjolijn de Wit (1979) is sprake van een eigen ordening van delen uit het landschap. Haar contact met de realiteit loopt via verschillende herkenbare elementen, vergelijkbaar met de z.g. figuratieve landschappen die in de traditie van de 19de eeuw steeds werden opgebouwd met duidelijk herkenbare, aan het natuurbeeld van vroegere generaties ontleende, elementen.
Echter, doordat De Wit deze losse elementen op een collageachtige manier bij elkaar plaatst en speelt met uitvergrotingen en schaduwpartijen, creëert zij een eigen landschap wat vertrouwdheid en vervreemding tegelijkertijd oproept, zonder het contact met de natuur te verliezen. Integendeel, haar nieuwe wijze van observeren en ordenen geeft een overtuigende voorstelling van de natuur, alsof we opnieuw aan het begin van de schepping staan. Zonder te vervallen in extatische natuurmystiek, weerspiegelt zich in haar landschappen het macrokosmische in het microkosmische.
bron: galerie Smits

maandag 27 augustus 2007

Julia Scher

Scher's work critically engages electronic security and surveillance issues in our culture. She is interested in creating temporary and transitory web/installation/performance works that explore issues of power, control and seduction. Her spoken word CD's and installations have been exhibited worldwide in physical art spaces - including recent solo exhibitions at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York, and Schipper and Krome in Berlin - as well as on the world wide web and on the Electra recording label. She is the recipient of many grants and fellowships including a Bunting Institute Fellowship for Surveillance Studies at Harvard University, 1996-1997. She has taught and lectured at a number of institutions including Harvard University, Princeton University and Rutgers University. Scher teaches video classes in the Visual Arts Program.
bron: architecture.mit.edu

welcome to securityland

Media Art Perspectives - Fall 03 Julia Scher
(UCLA lecture video)
Wiesbadener Kunstsommer Projekt 8 Julia Scher
(youtube video)

zondag 26 augustus 2007

Rubber Johnny

Rubber Johnny - Chris Cunningham 2005 (6 min 0 sec)
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"Johnny is a hyperactive, shape-shifting mutant child, kept locked away in a basement. With only his feverish imagination and his terrified dog for company, he finds ways to amuse himself in the dark.Rubber Johnny is the latest creation from the UK’s most imaginative filmmaker,
Chris Cunningham. Featuring music by legendary electronic composer, Aphex Twin, this nightmarish and hallucinatory experimental short film is accompanied by 40 pages of drawings and photographs - Cunningham’s first published book of original artwork."

zaterdag 25 augustus 2007

Mike Mills

Mike Mills is a true visionary. His wide range of work speaks for itself and his clients speak just as loud. With clients like X-Girl, Supreme, Air, Marc Jacobs, The Beastie Boys and Sonic Youth all in his corner, how can you go wrong? He also recently directed Thumbsucker, but has a long history of video work. Mills has also directed, Air: Eating, Sleeping, Waiting and Playing, Pulp Anthology, Paperboys, and many music videos. His work speaks for itself with a message and great feeling.
bron: youworkforthem

example (Qt): does your soul have a cold?

example (Qt): Yoko Ono: walking on thin ice

vrijdag 24 augustus 2007

Storytime (Gilliam, 1968)

Storytime (Gilliam, 1968) (08:37)
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Thoralf Knobloch

Knobloch works directly from carefully composed photographs, exploring the process by which reality is transformed into image through the material process of painting. He is particularly interested in the way in which painting ultimately involves turning experienced reality into constructed abstraction through the framing of the subject, the transference of photographic composition onto canvas
bron: wilkinsongallery

Sammlung Frieder Burda


galerie gebr lehmann

donderdag 23 augustus 2007

Guillaume Linard

Guillaume Linard, jeune artiste issu de l’École Boulle en 2002, vit et travaille à Paris. Plutôt déformé que formé aux métiers du design et de l’architecture, il cherche depuis quelques années à en bousculer les pratiques pour nourrir une démarche artistique énergique et réactive. Questionnant notre rapport aux objets, et plus largement notre rapport au monde via les objets, ses propositions s’accompagnent d’une pensée insolente et décomplexée envers les usages et les catégories laissent entrevoir un comportement simultanément revendicatif et détendu.
bron: archicool.com

woensdag 22 augustus 2007


52 girls by Craig McDean (03:36)


(todays song : B-52's - 52 girls)

dinsdag 21 augustus 2007

drainspotting part III

Bij toeval gisteren gevonden, nog meer putdeksels en veel doorverwijzingen op de site

Like shields, slowly polished by traffic and sunshine
they glow silently and show us the color of sky,
these who cover the access to the deep dark
to where we send what has to desapear of (our) life.

Luc Chaumont - manholecovers.net
direct naar : photogalerie

part I
part II

maandag 20 augustus 2007

Slawomir Elsner

Slawomir Elsner’s pictures are based on photographs. Organized in series, they give unsystematic treatment to highly varied thematic domains which are always situated at the interface between the public and the personal. Elsner’s painting transforms the collective element into a succinct and personal visual language, without renouncing communal referentiality.
bron: hannover.de - Martin Engler

galerie sutton lane
galerie johnen-schoettle
galerie gebr lehmann

zondag 19 augustus 2007

À propos de Nice - Jean Vigo

À propos de Nice - Written and directed by Jean Vigo, 1930.(22 min 51 sec)
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via: video's with Bibi

zaterdag 18 augustus 2007

Myriam Bâ

Créer un espace, une construction, une réalité…
Jusqu'ici j'ai essentiellement utilisé la peinture pour la mise en forme de mes idées. Aujourd'hui j'ai besoin d'élargir mon champ d'action. Planter ces éléments picturaux dans un espace tridimensionnel. Une installation. Il s'agit de "mise en abîme" de juxtaposition, d'images, de mots, d'objets, de volume, de son. Une mise en scène. C'est là un travail déjà engagé il y a plusieurs mois avec Aleksandra Plavsic. Nous construisons ensemble un univers, nous créons même un personnage, son histoire. Nous l'appelons " la femme du nord ". Nous y mettons nos intentions, nous y mêlons nos réflexions et notre travail. Pour Aleksandra c'est la musique et le son, quant à moi la peinture et le dessin, il arrive parfois que l'ordre change, elle la peinture et moi le son.
Myriam Bâ

video interview Myriam Bâ - Newzy.fr
music - ici aussi

vrijdag 17 augustus 2007

the work of Charles and Ray Eames

een aardige overzichtssite over leven en werken van :

Charles Eames (1907-78) and Ray Eames (1912-88) gave shape to America's twentieth century.

The Eameses embraced the era's visionary concept of modern design as an agent of social change, elevating it to a national agenda. Their evolution from furniture designers to cultural ambassadors demonstrated their boundless talents and the overlap of their interests with those of their country.



donderdag 16 augustus 2007

Geneviève Favre

Les performances de Geneviève Favre sont écrites à partir d'associations de mots, de couleurs, d'occupation de l'espace et de relation avec le public. Personnage charismatique, elle joue avec la notion de représentation scénique, tant sur le mode de l'actrice que de la chanteuse. Son inspiration est basée sur le principe de la narration, une poésie mentale qui s'approprie des fragments de la culture classique et populaire.
bron: pianonobile.ch



woensdag 15 augustus 2007

Donald Abad

Donald Abad experiments with new technology to widen the scope of individual and collective sensations. Building on personal experience, his work examines the individual faced with his environment.
bron: Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes


tous les jours

les duettistes
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