woensdag 24 oktober 2007

a dog's week: Melissa Pokorny

Melissa Pokorny takes photos of stone masonry, wraps them in metallic paper so they themselves become “stones,” and agglomerates them in clusters or bundles. She drapes them with netting or rusted chains, binds them with yellow rope, adds statues of animals representing iconic cuteness, like dogs, bunny rabbits and deer, and sometimes on top of it all plunks a plastic cup or two of fluorescent goop. (The first one I saw, perched on a sculpture sticking out of the wall, I mistook for a cup of Tang left over from the opening). The sculptures are small-scale, with the dimensions and something of the feeling of a suburban lawn montage. To this idea she adds an anthropologist’s detached admiration of human silliness, and perhaps a simultaneous hatred of our bungling, guided by an aesthetic intentness that, is both a form of collecting and of creating.
bron: Cassandra Neyenesch - The Brooklynrail

Melissa Pokorny there/there opening at Front Room Gallery (
Youtube 10:01)
This day's song:
The Futureheads - Hounds Of Love

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