dinsdag 23 oktober 2007

a dog's week: William Wegman

Dog's Best Friend
Back in the anything-goes days of the early 1970s, Vito Acconci masturbated under a gallery floor, Chris Burden nailed himself to a Volkswagen and
William Wegman made his stomach sing "Mmmmm-Hooo!" Even before Wegman became a world-renowned dog photographer, his work had a whimsy that set him apart from his edgier peers (and that would eventually land his art on Sesame Street, Saturday Night Live, David Letterman and of course all those calendars, postcards and T-shirts). Yet his early pieces clearly grew out of a context of experimentation with performance and process, concerns with language, duration, and the body.
bron: Steven Stern - Time Out New York, 13 April 2006

William Wegman Early Videos (08:45)

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William Wegman - The Hardly Boys (06:45)

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New Order - Blue Monday

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