zaterdag 17 november 2007

Hans Hemmert

Hans Hemmert has been exploring the physicality of space and being within his work since the creation of his well-known over-sized latex yellow balloons which he placed in architectural spaces molding a large void within a fragile membrane as well as his egg-shaped balloons in which he would insert himself heightening the body's physical sense of space. The most recent work by Hemmert addresses the solidity of his forms and the juxtaposition of his disparate images through the use of fiberglass, and again, the bright yellow that is now in the form of a commercial high gloss varnish. His sculptures have literally become devotional objects as religious iconography is absorbed into contemporary consumer culture. A representation of John the Evangelist morphs together with a boom box - or a Porsche is adorned with a cross for a hood ornament.

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