donderdag 15 november 2007

Norbert Bisky

At first glance, Norbert Biskys early paintings resemble pop variations of Social Realism. Blond, blue-eyed boys, well-toned naked bodies and youth in all its sporting talent appear to confirm this cliché. After all, Bisky’s candy-coloured palette still appears to attest to the apparently artless world of light-hearted youth. However, upon closer inspection, the smooth surface of this alluring illusion is lacerated by crevices as destructive as they are deadly. Bisky exposes the underbelly of a youth culture rapidly sinking in a mire of consumerist nightmares. Cannibals devour body parts or trainers, young men urinate, fornicate, become inebriated, pillage and plunder. Yet they do not seem to be emotionally involved at all. In this way, Bisky ironically overstates experiences from a GDR childhood nourished by slogans of power and healthy youthfulness.
bron: hausamwaldsee - Norbert Bisky "It wasn't me"

Leo Koenig Inc

"What's Wrong With Me?"
November 20 - December 23, 2007

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