vrijdag 30 november 2007

Roberto Bellini

I had a strong visual arts and drawing background, therefore I felt real weird with a camera when I first started making videos. I had no previous experience with cinema, and had never engaged in significant film work. The camera was (is) a very awkward object in my hands. I felt the power of using a camera, the discomfort it brings, both to those who stand behind the camera, and those in front of it… Much of my work stems from the discomfort that the camera makes me feel. I regard this connection with space and the landscape as a consequence of this discomfort. I am interested in the representation of space, in how a spectator perceives space through sound and image, and I am also interested in the transformation that takes place when we try to boil this spatial experience of the world down to a limited medium, such as video.
Roberto Bellini

How Things Work - 5'36'' - digital video - 2002
-- The video explores the audio-visual tensions that are present in the clash of different materials. Rubber, metal and meat intertwine in a repulsive yet attractive fusion of textures and sounds that speak of a technological culture, surrounded by strange materials and objects.

Interval - 6'55'' - digital video - 2005
-- Interval is a collection of contemplative moments, guided by the common thread of the cup of coffe, creating a difrent sort of social and urban landscape.


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