zaterdag 10 november 2007

vi video

mobile video interventions in specific urban contexts
I wish then to travel down the same path as graffiti artists have done, whose work literally screams out to people in the street: “here we are and this is what we think”, as do pirate radio stations that cannot wait to make their ideas known to people, share their findings or convince others of their beliefs, or musicians, poets or performance artists, we will go to the streets and the underground.
The direct contact with the people, the direct effect upon the subjects which in turn become “audience and protagonists” has been the consistent goal of the arts within all of history as well as for all forms of audio and visual communication: from the starting point in Lumiere’s career, when he shot and projected his films on the same day through to the bidirectional efforts made within television production and in practically all forms of contemporary art.
Fernando Llanos


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