donderdag 20 december 2007

Liu Weijian

A lot of people, a lot of goods, a lot of places, many many things, and many many events… my daily life is usually confuse. Ignorant and passive are my reactions. Habit is a term tightly fasten by the side of my mouth. All of this is only an idle and starving waiting.
As a certain specific call sounds, I will feel very inspired. Under a certain dawn, I will get a moment of peace and awareness. In a certain space, I will hunger for certain things and illusions. I regard these rare moments as the real world, which expands in parallel with us. This moment isn’t a point of intersection, it is a calling possibility.

Liu Weijian
bron: BizArt - The Call of The Crows
Liu Weijian's Solo Exhibition (nov.2007)

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