dinsdag 12 februari 2008

Anna Orlikowska

The majority of the scenes depicted in Anna Orlikowska's photographs are drawn from her own, often very personal experiences. She grew up in Lodz, a city best known for its industry, and consequently, industrialised areas and equipment are a habitual presence in her photographs
What makes Orlikowska's work so interesting and beguiling is that although the subject matter could not be more personal to the vision of a 21st-century artist from Lodz, the format she consigns to the work is the most traditional and prescribed of western art history - that of the triptych. 'The choice of this format occurred subconsciously,' comments Orlikwska. 'For me the number three stands for something that is complete in itself, something perfect.'
bron: Saatchi
Your Gallery blog - Jane Neal(2006)


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