woensdag 6 februari 2008

Jeffrey Wyckoff

For Jeffrey Wyckoff, science has a twofold applicability. On the one hand, his findings serve their professional purpose: providing information to the medical staff working at the hospital. On the other hand, they are, for himself, instruments for making art. They are, as it were, the lowest common denominator of a particularly diverse artistic production. When he uses classical artistic media such as drawing, painting, sculpture or photography, he makes his scientific knowledge their subject. When, on the other hand, he works with specifically scientific materials such as microscope slides or Petri dishes, the images he applies to them often refer to the history of photography or of art in general, which is his artistic specialization.

image and narrative
Online Magazine of the Visual Narrative
On the body as the subject of experience: art as a necessary element of the genesis of knowledge
Hilde Van Gelder & Jan Baetens
Published: October 2004

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