donderdag 7 februari 2008

Jörg Lozek

The nostalgically furnished, bizarrely decrepit rooms featured in Jörg Lozeks paintings house young men dressed and coiffed in the style of the 1950’s. In these attic-like interiors, Lozek’s subjects find only the bare necessities of domestic life – a bed, a table and a chair. The architecture of the room itself is deteriorating – one notices detaching wallpaper, crumbling stucco and faulty masonry. For Lozek, the four walls of a room function as the most important refuge from daily life, yet his paintings give the impression that these places of intimacy and shelter are actually quite disturbing and instable in and of themselves. It is in the actual dialogue between the dilapidated rooms and the boyish figures that one ultimately finds the essential meaning of Lozek’s paintings. The young men depicted in Lozek’s paintings are closed within themselves, focused inwards and completing quotidian actions, which do not provoke additional questions.
bron: sandroni rey 2005

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