maandag 31 maart 2008

Ion Birch

The title of Ion Birch’s drawing show, “The Young Penis,” doesn’t mince words. These intimate graphite drawings are firmly in the tradition of the ‘nasty picture’. Engorged penises and vaginas are visible everywhere, glistening and threatening the world. Flutes are played and inserted in orifices, cum drips from faces. An energetic world of De Sadian debauchery is depicted. Breasts are pumped up, and nipples are as pronounced as gumdrops. Some female characters are pictured with hips that seem double-jointed, like the jaws of a python. There is a discordance between the gonzo sexual fantasy and Birch’s effeminate style. The figures have a wide-eyed child like quality; pubescents with grotesquely enlarged adult genitals that seem grafted on. Bunnies, butterflies, and angels with boob jobs share in the action. Compositionally the works are varied and interesting.
bron: James Kalm, "Power to the Penis, Erection Day.", NY Arts Magazine, 2003


youtube: Ion Berch at Freight + Volume

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