dinsdag 11 maart 2008

Neal Tait

The connections in Neal Tait’s art between appearance and reality are slippery: one is in a world in which ‘what might be’ and ‘what is’ are left, quite intentionally, in unresolved entanglement. Often Tait will work from images he has encountered in magazines or newspapers, draining them of their original meaning and allowing their shape, or the presence they appear to intimate, to dictate the evolving forms and narratives they assume in his paintings. He thus allows his brush and paint to lead him into places that, pictorially, they appear to seek out of their own volition. Shapes transform into further shapes, assume features, limbs, or give birth to other seemingly sentient beings.
Frieze Magazine-Michael Bracewell (2007)

sieshoeke - neal-tait-2005


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