vrijdag 20 juni 2008

Andrey Ustinov - "The Mobile Seance"

Performance "THE MOBILE SEANCE" is a direct development of the project "MEDIUM" that started in spring 2001. The project is an experiment of literal realization of the thesis by Marshal MacLuen "the medium is the message". For the first time the project was held together with an artist Jury Popov in Saint Petersburg gallery "Poligon" in the center for culture "Pushkinskaya, 10". Then different artists and enthusiasts had been invited into the gallery. They had to refuse from their own personal messages and become mediums of a TV reality. Then the project started to wander on shops of video equipment of Saint Petersburg and Moscow, carrying out a role of a false-advertising of techniques sold there.
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mob-inter by widerkunst(QT - large file)

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