vrijdag 27 juni 2008

Jim Riswold

July 26, 2007, Seattle, WA. –"They don't mind being called monsters, but they sure don't like being called fools." This is Jim Riswold's take on the dictators and demagogues of the world. Mr. Riswold meticulously arranges toy dolls and representations of these tyrants in ludicrous settings and then, with the help of a team of creatives, photographs and produces large, saturated prints. He says in his mission statement at JimRiswold.com: "...we are told not to laugh at these people. Mocking them, laughing at them, satirizing them, we are told, trivializes their crimes. I would argue that only speaking about the Hitler's of the world in deadly serious tones actually pays the fools the reverence they so crave."
bron: Vermillion


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