vrijdag 13 juni 2008

Kim Dorland

Before you see any of Kim Dorland's new works you smell them. Paint. Thick gobs of it. Mounds of glutinous oil piled on by hand. Fast-drying puddles of acrylic. One painting has a glob of pink as thick as a $60 steak.
Dorland's work is increasingly about the kind of new painting by the likes of Germany's Neo Rauch and Scots-Canadian Peter Doig. This is painting that manages bold juxtapositions and striking innovations. With Dorland that means jolts of unexpectedly lurid colour in an otherwise naturalistic scene as if someone had stuck a neon sign advertising lap dancing in a Tom Thomson landscape.
bron: the
Toronto Star - Peter Goddard

May Chelsea Cruse - James Kalm (03:42)

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