woensdag 20 augustus 2008

Dmitry Shorin

Dmitry Shorin is the young Saint-Petersburg artist. He worked out rigid, slashing, forceful, tactile visual style. Dmitry Shorin tries to emphasize a certain mental plan of youth, i.e. definite condition of consciousness. This condition is filled with discomfortable sense of necessary choice between reality of life and virtual reality. Now he puffs real, almost genre plan, accents corporality, now in one and the same work he throws up Rubik’s Cube, articulates plurality and invariant character.

Shorin’s characters are not glamour heroes. They are recognizable and defenseless, angular and uncared-for, they have abrasions and socks full of holes. What they can’t loose is their natural sexuality that is difficult to see in contemporary Russian art.
The Russian Museum

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