vrijdag 1 augustus 2008

Mari Sunna

Sunna is an exceptionally original painter in a continuous process of renewal, whose works are distinguished by extreme sensitivity, deep feeling and explosive power. From her early existentialist works of faceless girls she has moved on to addressing emotional states, ways of seeing and the conditions of existence. In her paintings, private becomes public, establishing a bridge between the most exciting contemporary paintings and the masterpieces of the art history that we cannot avoid carrying in our minds.
Mari Sunna's paintings are not pleasant, nor do they seek to be, any more than Francis Bacon's, Goya's or El Greco's paintings of human angst, struggle and the search for the self try to be pleasant. Like truly fine paintings that were once new, they can appear to be strange or even abhorrent. This abhorrence is broken down, or expiated, by the somnambulant precision and command, ethical purity and innate aesthetic quality of her works.
Ilona Anhava

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