vrijdag 31 oktober 2008

Yoram Wolberger

“I am drawn to familiar objects, objects known to us from ordinary domesticity,” says Wolberger of his work. Yoram Wolberger is interested in exposing aspects of daily life that are normally overlooked. By physically inverting, slicing, or enlarging these objects, his art exposes aspects of life that we choose not see; in this regard, Wolberger shows the “familiar” in a new light, giving the subject new context and uncovering hidden or unexplained significance in the iconic objects from which he draws.
bron: The Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento

Yoram Wolberger, Musical Stuffed Toys, 2000



donderdag 30 oktober 2008

the Opium Museum

We at the Opium Museum believe that, right or wrong, opium smoking was a part of the human experience, and as such, examples of its paraphernalia should be preserved for posterity. We are not advocating the use of opium. Our appreciation lies in the unique design and aesthetic genius of opium paraphernalia, as well as the ritual that evolved around its preparation and ingestion. In no other addictive substance did man's quest for mood-enhancement reach such artistic heights.
bron: Opium Museum - Steven Martin

Steve Chasmar · Sets . Opium Museum . flickr

Once Upon A Time In America Opium Scene (02:48)
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woensdag 29 oktober 2008

Joe Zane

Joe Zane's bold probing of essential questions that circulate around the making and presentation of art was noted by the Foster Prize jury. His work employs a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, video and sculptural objects that include frequent references to the art world. Zane attempts to instill an almost comic awareness in the viewer of his or her futile attempts to locate ultimate meaning in a work of art, such as with Forgers from 2005-06, a series of painted depictions of famous art forgers.
bron: ICA - the 2008 James and Audrey Foster Prize

dinsdag 28 oktober 2008

Wisdom: Andrew Zuckerman

Now it's time to listen to the wisdom of your elders. Billy Connolly, Robert Redford, Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall, Bryce Courtenay, Michael Parkinson, Malcolm Fraser, Madeleine Albright and Graham Nash are just some of the 51 people aged 65 or over that New York photographer Andrew Zuckerman put together for his latest project, simply entitled Wisdom.

maandag 27 oktober 2008

Jaybo aka Monk

Jaybo, aka Monk, began his career as a graffiti artist evolving his work to the canvas, moving images, installations and mixed media projects. During the mid- 80s he moved to West Berlin to expand his talents as a rapper, actor and graphic designer. In the 90s founded both a clothing company, Irie Daily, and a magazine, Style&The Family Tunes.
In 2006 he co-founded a creative agency, Spread Visuals, and released his first monograph book Lord Of Mess: My Head Is A Visual Township. Jaybo's work has been shown in various galleries and events in Berlin, Hamburg, Germany and at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain. His artworks can be found on chart-topping albums by the Berlin bands Beatsteaks and Seeed.
bron: nseries

International Day of the JAYBO (01:27)
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zondag 26 oktober 2008

Jona Bechtolt (YACHT)

YACHT is a lot of things. It’s kind of a band, but it’s mostly a genre-and-media-spanning life project founded and led by Jona Bechtolt of the Northwest’s very own Portland, Oregon. Bechtolt (and new member Claire L. Evans) make anthemic power jams, play them backwards and soak them in nearly-psychedelic cherry cola. YACHT’s heart is the shows: uncluttered, inspiring sessions of damaged dance moves and synchronized crowd-waving, backed by constantly changing elements -- PowerPoint presentations, audience Q&A sessions, and shamanistic video environments.
myspace Yacht

YACHT - Summer Song (05:13)
by Jona Bechtolt

Jona Bechtolt-vimeo

zaterdag 25 oktober 2008

Ira Eduardovna

Ira Eduardovna (b. 1980) grew up in the Soviet Union, from where she immigrated to Israel in the early 90’s. This experience significantly influenced her work. In 2004 she graduated from the Holon Academy Institute of Technology’s experimental department of Arts and Design. Immediately after her graduation, she went on a two-year journey in the United States and Europe. During that period she reached new levels of achievement trough exploring and researching herself and her surroundings
bron: cartes flux³

tango russe (2004)

the projects (2008)

vrijdag 24 oktober 2008

Pawel Ksiazek

Seit mehreren Jahren arbeitet Pawel Ksiazek konsequent an geschlossenen Serien, die sich mit einer bestimmten Thematik auseinandersetzen. Seine Malerei und Installationen übersetzen dabei recherchiertes Dokumentationsmaterial in Motive von starker Ausdruckskraft und Mehrdeutigkeit. Unschuldig wirkende Details nehmen durch die ungewöhnliche Kontextualisierung eine hintergründige und entblößende Bedeutung an.
bron: ZAK Gallery

galeria zderzak

donderdag 23 oktober 2008

Manuel Archain

Manuel Archain was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1983.


woensdag 22 oktober 2008

Little Ease

Little Ease, initially envisioned nearly 25 years ago has been performed by a succession of dancers, originating with Elizabeth Streb. In its current incarnation ami ipapo has been called on to take on the box. As a performer she is concerned with how much to honor the past and how much of herself to bring to the piece. As a member of the current SLAM company, she is keenly aware of the evolution of Pop Action and uniquely suited to exploring this in her role as performer. In collaborate with matt tarr, an avid mover, who will proxy the role of observer via cameras and software.


dinsdag 21 oktober 2008

Marcel Dzama

War, dismemberment, bats, monsters, blood. How can such violent imagery be so enticing? In the hands of Marcel Dzama the mental detritus of living during wartime, the background of all our everyday lives, appears to be transformed into an innocent children’s fantasy.
His delicate line drawings are filled in with a subtle palette of reds, greys and pale browns – the latter made from concentrated root beer used like paint. At first they seem like pages from an Art Deco children’s book until the very (post)modern violence in the images begins to make itself known. There is nothing twee here. The Canadian artist explains nothing in his work.
bbc collective



Marcel Dzama exhibition at David Zwirner Gallery -

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