maandag 27 oktober 2008

Jaybo aka Monk

Jaybo, aka Monk, began his career as a graffiti artist evolving his work to the canvas, moving images, installations and mixed media projects. During the mid- 80s he moved to West Berlin to expand his talents as a rapper, actor and graphic designer. In the 90s founded both a clothing company, Irie Daily, and a magazine, Style&The Family Tunes.
In 2006 he co-founded a creative agency, Spread Visuals, and released his first monograph book Lord Of Mess: My Head Is A Visual Township. Jaybo's work has been shown in various galleries and events in Berlin, Hamburg, Germany and at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain. His artworks can be found on chart-topping albums by the Berlin bands Beatsteaks and Seeed.
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International Day of the JAYBO (01:27)
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