woensdag 8 oktober 2008

Jocelyn Shipley

Jocelyn Shipley has a natural hand for the phantasmagoric, for nuances of light and dark magic and cuddly and horrifying gore. She has in the past, with an articulate touch, used horror, monstrous fantasy worlds, dragons, Wicca spiritualism, bestiaries, and Satanism, as departures for installations and individual pieces. In "The Secret Life Of Sculpture", she guts 1960's "enchantment under the sea" exotica so we can see that its better inside than out. She lets us slide into the viscera of its blinding day-glo bowels, the coral intricacies of diaphanous phosphorescent self-revelation. Nothing is concealed, only the intimate pleasures of unmediated body sugar, the sloppy treats of revelatory pleasure.

Jocelyn Shipley - Cuteofficers of Cuteopolis (06:54)
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