donderdag 16 oktober 2008

Stefanie Trojan

I am not working with images but with experience. One question is: what does the observer experience with me? Could he pass over limits of the society? Could he leave taboos behind him? Where are the own limits we built up within a society? What is tradition? Why is it so important? And why is it so unimportant? To grow over ourselves, not to take us so seriously, to be able to laugh about ourselves.

I always try to work with the conditions of the place, the surrounding field and to react on the people.
I try to analyse the habits and to confront them with them in a performance.

I utilize my own body as an artistic material, with which I investigate figurative sculpture and performance. But a main part of my work is the reaction of the observer. I pass the action on to him, make him part of the performance and he completes it.

statement: Stefanie Trojan

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