zondag 30 november 2008

Luc Gut

It’s possible! Thanks to technological progress and the media it’s now possible to ‘record’, edit and add sound to a video using inexpensive equipment in one’s own bedroom
All clips deal with the synchronisation of electronic music and video – an experimental field that has long since fascinated
Luc Gut. The following questions remain decisive: how does sound influence an image? How can rhythm be visually illustrated? How can an image or motion make sound?

Luc Gut. 1 km Zürich Hardbrücke. A video about rhythm in traffic in the city of Zurich. (04:12)
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zaterdag 29 november 2008

RiP : A remix manifesto

RiP: A remix manifesto is an open source documentary about copyright and remix culture. Created over a period of six years, the film features the collaborative remix work of hundreds of people who have contributed to this website, helping to create the world's first open source documentary.

We are here at the International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam, or
IDFA, the world’s largest documentary festival. We had our first screening last night, our international premiere, and what a great place to do it! A sold out crowd in the Tuschinski Theatre, one of Europes oldest cinemas. A great Q+A with the fiesty dutch crowd and some new members of the Mouse Liberation Front.

update 01-12-08:
Dioraphte Audience Award
Het publiek bracht dit jaar ruim 40.000 stemmen uit op de films tijdens IDFA. De meeste stemmen gingen naar RiP - A Remix Manifesto (Canada) van Brett Gaylor. De film is een betoog tegen het strafbaar stellen van iedereen die bestaande muziek gebruikt om er iets nieuws mee te creëren. De Dioraphte Audience Award bedraagt € 5.000.

vrijdag 28 november 2008

Salomón Huerta

Salomon Huerta wants to make work that makes the viewer question his or her own identity; he does this by forcing the viewer to draw his own conclusions about the real people behind his portraits
The perception of identity has been a consistent concern in Huerta’s oeuvre. In previous works the artist painted images of the back of a sitter’s head or figure, thus erasing or concealing the subject’s identity. In his recent solo show the mask, not unlike the back of the head or figure, omits the identifying features of the face. These double portraits illustrate the ability to depict multiple identities. Huerta has expanded this portrayal of the sitter from erasing or leveling of identity to creating a dual identity, that of the subject and that of the subject as luchador. His palette is usually vibrant and shocking, generously rendered with thick brushstrokes.
Huerta subverts the conventions of traditional portraiture where the artist attempts to reveal the sitter’s inner thoughts, prestige or social stature. In these paintings, character is not found in something so obvious, but rather in the details we do not see. Huerta exploits the limitations of what a non-portrait cando and consequently defies the viewer’s expectations of what a portrait can convey.
LBCC Art Gallery

Salomón Huerta’s paintings of California style houses (multimedia presentation QT)

donderdag 27 november 2008

Golan Levin and Collaborators

My research is motivated by an interest in the medium of response, and in the conditions that enable people to experience "flow", or sustained creative feedback with reactive systems. I am drawn to the revelatory potential of information visualization – whether brought to bear on a single participant, the world of data we inhabit, or the formal aspects of mediated communication itself. And I am fascinated by how abstraction can connect us to a reality beyond language, and the ways in which our gestures and traces, thus abstracted, can reveal our unique signatures in space and time.
Golan Levin - Seminar series (Center for Computational Thinking)

Messa di Voce (Performance version, 2003) (06:05)
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woensdag 26 november 2008

Klaus Nomi - The Cold Song (live)

Klaus Nomi - The Cold Song (live) (04:51)
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Cold Song Lyrics
by Klaus Nomi

What Power art thou,
Who from below,
Hast made me rise,
Unwillingly and slow,
From beds of everlasting snow!

See'st thou not how stiff,
And wondrous old,
Far unfit to bear the bitter cold.

I can scarcely move,
Or draw my breath,
I can scarcely move,
Or draw my breath.

Let me, let me,
Let me, let me,
Freeze again...
Let me, let me,
Freeze again to death!

Galerie Akinci - Stephan Balkenhol

November 28 – December 24 2008
Galerie Akinci

Statuary usually confers nobility on those it depicts. Not so with the rough-hewn wood figures by the German sculptor Stephan Balkenhol, which emit a palpable aura of humility. The soft poplar, Douglas fir, and African wawa that Balkenhol carves (with power saws and chisels) retain the many marks of the figures’ making, and their meagerness of expression gives the works a flat, graphic quality

dinsdag 25 november 2008

Classic Good Girl & Romance Covers

"Good Girl" art is a category that transcends normal comic book genres. Humor, adventure, sci-fi and more have all featured "Good Girl" art. "Good Girl" art is usually drawn in the pin up tradition. The scene might be risque for the time of publication. Prominent breasts (known as 'headlights') were the rule. "Good Girls" were usually athletic, smart women who might fall into precarious positions. So what about "Bad Girls", you ask? Criminal bad girls are a much rarer breed, but they do appear.
Romance comics are fairly self-explanatory. They are comics for girls and feature stories of love and romance, often with surprisingly adult themes and situations.

maandag 24 november 2008

Ross Sinclair

Dissolve all national barriers - Burn your passport - Open the borders - Melt the guns - Treat everyone else the way you want to be treated - Burn all money - Buy freehold - Destroy credit rating - Smash all clocks - Annihilate time - Let animals roam free.
Ross Sinclair has described his work as "a lifetime project that aims to engage as wide an audience as possible in a dialogue around the paradoxical gaps between life as it is lived by a society of individuals, and the aspirations afforded by 'spectacular life' as we absorb it through mediated images of ourselves and everything around us - in other words, it's ourselves alone versus the world."
southlondongallery (2001)


Ross Sinclair’s Internationalism by Liam Gillick

zondag 23 november 2008



Bacteriophage T4 | Seyet, LLC
An accurate visualization of the Bacteriophage T4 based on Cryo-EM datasets of the virus. The scope of the animation is to show the infection process of T4 into an E. coli cell. All scientific data sets and motion based off of research from Michael Rossmann Laboratory (Purdue University).

A 3D animation depicting the early molecular events underlying long term potentiation in the spinal cord of
pain pathways
Jason Raine, MScBMC

ATP Synthase - Part V | Said Sannuga
Changes in the positions of sidechains in the catalytic site of F1-ATPase bringing about binding and subsequent hydrolysis of ATP.

zaterdag 22 november 2008

Silvia Ruzanka

Silvia Ruzanka is a multimedia artist working with video, installation, and interactive art forms. She has a BA in Physics from Smith College, and MFA in Art and Technology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work concerns the archaeology and memory of technology and media, and their intersections with everyday life.
bron: New Forms Festival 2004

(in)security camera

ginger minus fred

vrijdag 21 november 2008

Etienne Clément

The subjects used in Etienne Clément's photographs are tiny, second-hand toy figurines, each of which, would have at one time represented some kind of ideal to their young owner. Now abandoned and cast off, their physical flaws are revealed close-up including their plastic psychologies. They now look like products of their neglected environment, emerging from dark doorway sets like ghostly film stars having taken over the asylum.
bron: absolutearts



donderdag 20 november 2008

Antony Micallef

At once colourfully beautiful and deeply troubling, Antony Micallef's work examines our dichotomous relationship with consumerism, examining how we can maintain to despise multi-national brands yet still allow ourselves to be seduced by them. "The trouble with pop imagery is that it doesn't really go deeper than the surface" he comments. "You have to drag it down and challenge it to make it interesting, marry contrasting emotions and motifs. The union of two opposites make an intriguing and strange chemistry." Described as 'Caravaggio meets Manga' and 'Bacon in Disneyland' this potent cocktail has seen Antony become enormously popular with collectors.
bron: lazarides


Antony Micallef - LA Exhibition - Sept 2007 - Silky.TV (04:07)
Antony Micallef - Silky.TV - Exeter Exhibition - 2007 (05:31)

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