zaterdag 1 november 2008

Ernesto Pujol

Ernesto Pujol states: “I am extremely interested in fashioning a visual history of human body, as well as how we have been reduced to our bodies and clothing, in what I increasingly believe to be a post object society; through the rule of fashion…These photographs are as much about the language of the human body, as it has evolved historically, as about fashion, about an esthetic. An esthetic can be like a spiritual experience, particularly if it is synonomous with purity.“ (July 10, 2000).
Perhaps because Pujol is tapping his own experiences, his work has a ring of authenticity. Through the work, he reinterprets masculine body language and ideas via the wardrobes of monks and nuns. In the process, Pujol’s work succeeds in creating a contemplative tone, transcending gender and religion.

The Water Carrier's Journey.



04/10/2008 - 25/01/2009
Locatie: Van Abbemuseum

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