maandag 10 november 2008

Fernando Sanchez

Among Fernando Sanchez many interests are: Hedonism, degenerate culture, crude, rude, trashy aesthetics metapop, spaces and activity that are never resolved, non-spaces, spaces of conviviality, activities of addiction, compulsion, short attention spans, metatags and keywords as the basis of a new language, post production, video art, found data, internet piracy, dissimulation, viral marketing, nihilism, videoblogging, vodcasting, the face of indifference, guerrilla installations and performances, subversion, commerce, money making schemes.
bron: UCLA Department of Design|Media Arts

Degradation 2007
Sound Installation in empty room
20:57 min, Looped
A Lil Jon loop gradually degraded in pitch and tempo until nil.

Persona 2: Nico Brown Jr.
A series of videos, songs, and performances using rap music as a form of cultural criticism and art critique.


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