zaterdag 15 november 2008

Tamy Ben-Tor

Tamy Ben-Tor is a video-maker and performer whose characters embody stereotypes from various cultures and circumstances. Ben-Tor says of the development of her characters: ‘Sometimes they mirror my mind’s demons, and sometimes I watch them unfold before me.’ Nationality and race are embedded in language, and a person’s identity is revealed through their speech. Ben-Tor’s performances draw on the image and language of her characters, which she takes to nonsensical extremes. In doing this, Ben-Tor makes their identity and politics bizarre, abstract and often comic; she brings them into ‘the domain of idiocy’. Gewald shows the artist in various guises that reflect the neurotic and almost pathological nature of their dogmas. Words flow out of her persona like a continuous eruption of energy and associations, a montage with constant shifts of tone and attitude.
bron: Biennale of Sydney 2008

Tamy Ben Tor - Gewald (01:36)
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