woensdag 31 december 2008

Tilman Faelker

At the moment I'm experimenting with digital distortion to find a digital equivalent to my sketchy handrawing...It's all about finding an aesthetic that doesn't hide its origin: my illustrations are all based on a pencil sketch (which is clearly visible) but they are all going through a digital "stage" in which I try to treat them in the same sketchy manner as I draw them, but this time with tools that are clearly digital...
Tilman Faelker - via:my love for you is a stampede of horses.

dinsdag 30 december 2008

Joshua Churchill

Joshua Churchill is a San Francisco based cross-disciplinary artist that works primarily with sound and light in the context of site-specific, and often reactive, installations, live performances, and recordings. Churchill challenges the traditionally passive role of the audience by immersing them within his work and compelling them to become critically aware of their relationship to their surroundings on both global and intimate scales.

Fathom (QT)

maandag 29 december 2008

Ian Davis

Ian Davis incorporates the systems and geometry of minimalism within a descriptive style of painting that is timeless in its simplicity.
Davis’s figures are iconic representations — soldiers in period costumes, prisoners in stripes, businessmen in skinny black suits — in which the uniform is a formal device that underscores his interest in ideas rather than individuals. Patterning and repetition are used to engender structure and meaning while providing the artist with a kind of trancelike process that enables him to become hypnotically involved in the act of painting itself.



zondag 28 december 2008

Jeanne Verdoux

A travers l’ensemble de dessins présentés, Jeanne Verdoux explore l’âme humaine mais aussi les comportements des uns et des autres qu’elle observe dans la vie de tous les jours. Le métro est par exemple pour l’artiste une grande source d’inspiration. Ses dessins à la manière de clichés volés retracent une émotion, une impression ou encore un trait frappant. Le visiteur aime à se plonger dans cet humour tendre que l’artiste utilise.
source: Paris-art


films example:
Nuts (QT 1:20)

Typographie (QT 1:30)

zaterdag 27 december 2008

Pax Paloscia

Dynamic and multivitamin, the works of the artist originally from Italia Pax Paloscia are full of colours and highly energizing. Whereas her photographies and illustrations are regularly published in the magazines and the fact that Pax Paloscia uses to work into the advertising world, she is also recognized with a growing intensity by the artistic world.
The slightly acid pop energy displayed through her photographies, paintings, drawings, graffitis but also her animations send us directly into the teenage world. There, is drawn a space of liberty, spontaneity and rebellion in which everything seems possible again.
bron: Anaid Demir. -

Pax Paloscia at Detour Exhibition in Berlin

vrijdag 26 december 2008

Xmas 2008 - day 2 - fighting

  1. Crazy russians: Old woman fight
  2. Insane Family Fight at a Russian Wedding
  3. Festen (The Celebration)
  4. Punjabi Husband 'n Wife fighting
  5. Old People Fighting
  6. WBO greek vs armenian priest fight round 1
  7. Street fights caught on tape
  8. A Lot Street Fights
  9. big asian family fight
  10. big fight

donderdag 25 december 2008

Xmas 2008 - day 1 - eating

  1. 1001 pâtes
  2. The Meaning Of Life - The Autumn Years
  3. Bottom Christmas Dinner
  4. Sjef van Oekel (Vette Jus!)
  5. Rituel
  6. La grande bouffe
  7. You Killed Me First Pt 1
  8. Thanksgiving Day pie eating contest
  9. "Meatballs" Hotdog Eating Contest: Larry vs. The Stomach
  10. Jiskefet - Me-girl-food

woensdag 24 december 2008

The Legend of Immanuel Kant

The Legend of Immanuel Kant (02:41)
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LeLe - BreakFast (04:01)
graphics : ©Parra, 2008.
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dinsdag 23 december 2008

Paulette Phillips

What occupies my time is a consideration of how we are socially; how we behave against what is in and outside of our control; what we hope for, how we fail; and what we unconsciously reveal about ourselves through the displacement of desire.
Referencing the conventions that determine modern life, my interests veer towards the fringes where trauma, hybridity, aberration and paradox reside. Cinematic language is used to underscore the unconscious roots of paradoxical behaviour and agency within the realms of the natural and psycho-socio. I combine voyeuristic pleasure and a drive to narrate observation with classical film techniques, which are used to construct poetic, uncanny and affecting experiences that amplify our attachments to the specular.
bron: artist statement
Paulette Phillips



Video Visits: Paulette Phillips on Floating House

maandag 22 december 2008

Titi Freak

Drawing influence from his Japanese heritage as well as his Brazilian upbringing, Titi Freak’s diverse mixture of cultural backgrounds combine to form a very distinct perspective, and unique creative voice. Often wearing street fashions and somber expressions, his figures appear alongside details inspired by the urban landscape such as electrical pole shadows and silhouettes of stray dogs.

update (9.00 PM) , it seems Titi Freak’s server is off, here's his blogspot

Titi Freak Profile Video

zondag 21 december 2008

The Human Canvas

The Human Canvas explores the performance art and body art subculture at the edge of the modern art scene, where breaking the skin, bleeding, cutting and scarring are common practice. And all staged in front of a paying live audience.

The Human Canvas (51:58)
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Andy Lee on YouTube

zaterdag 20 december 2008

Lone Twin

Lone Twin make performance work which deals playfully with ideas of travel, place and orientation. Working across contemporary theatrical, live art and dance contexts, performances offer generous entertainment while inhabiting extreme physical conditions. Audiences often join the two performers in unprompted acts of support, friendship and collaboration. Performances last between an hour and twenty-four days and are made and shown in theatres, galleries and everyday spaces.

The Age of Bronze (0:30)
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The Age of Bronze (flickr)

The Age of Brick (0:26)
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The Age of Brick (flickr)

vrijdag 19 december 2008

Antoine Petitprez

Mais chez Antoine Petitprez, les choses ne sont pas forcément ce qu’elles semblent être. D’un sujet somme toute banal — un animal, un arbre —, l’artiste crée un décalage entre la réalité et la vision qu’il en donne. Le trouble s’installe, d’abord par l’absence de repère spatio-temporel. Le noir intense du fond, donnant une certaine profondeur aux clichés, décontextualise les sujets et suspend le temps. Au moyen des cadrages en gros plan, Antoine Petitprez accroît l'ambiguïté captivante de ses images.
bron: Alexandrine Dhainaut

donderdag 18 december 2008

Kristijan Trummer

Lange Gesichter, schnellere Schritte,
Die Strassenlichter flackern auf;
Und die Sonne scheint unter`m Wolkenlauf
Einzugehen auf die Bitte,

Versöhnt zu scheiden im Glanze,
So wir wenigstens uns selbst vergeben,
In unserem leichtsinnigen Streben
Als doch so unscheinbare Pflanze.

(Kristijan Trummer)



artmovement (MUCKvonSCHPRACH)

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