dinsdag 2 december 2008

Beatrice Valentine Amrhein

In the early 1970s, Christian Boltanski affirmed that he was «painting with photography».
Béatrice Valentine Amrhein is painting with cell phones, because they have become the natural extension of the eye and the hand. With solid training in painting and long experience as a painter, she here become part, and this in a completely original manner, of a vast current of contemporary art with the objective of reinventing the act of painting and so anchor it firmly in the 21st century. Painting is not limited only to the age-old alliance of colored pigments and canvas hung on a wall, but rather is considered as an artistic way of doing and seeing something. It's a question of body, of gesture and of material
bron: flipbook - André Rouillé (Art Critic)

Train Fantome (10:11)
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