dinsdag 23 december 2008

Paulette Phillips

What occupies my time is a consideration of how we are socially; how we behave against what is in and outside of our control; what we hope for, how we fail; and what we unconsciously reveal about ourselves through the displacement of desire.
Referencing the conventions that determine modern life, my interests veer towards the fringes where trauma, hybridity, aberration and paradox reside. Cinematic language is used to underscore the unconscious roots of paradoxical behaviour and agency within the realms of the natural and psycho-socio. I combine voyeuristic pleasure and a drive to narrate observation with classical film techniques, which are used to construct poetic, uncanny and affecting experiences that amplify our attachments to the specular.
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Paulette Phillips



Video Visits: Paulette Phillips on Floating House

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