donderdag 31 december 2009

The Rainbow of Porn

" But... but... why?!

I (scriptmaker??unknown) have about 900.000 porn videos indexed on my porn search engine. Since they comes from various sources there are duplicates, which I wanted to find and merge into one. So I wrote a small script which did some simple statistics for all thumbnails. And BTW, having a day off, I also made this simple search engine :) It searches only part of the database (only embeddable streams, about 300.000). "
The Rainbow of Porn

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woensdag 30 december 2009

Zbigniew Rogalski

Zbigniew Rogalski belongs to a generation of painters that debuted around 2000. He often paints in series. His pictures often contain multi-level narratives, hence he has been called an 'image director'. During his studies and immediately afterwards however the most frequent motif of Rogalski's work was painting itself. His canvases show the painter at work, talk about their own making, not so much representing reality as revealing the process of the making of the representation. They also often allude to the work of other painters. In the tradition of Jackson Pollock, Rogalski emphasises the painter's gesture, and has actually made the action painter the subject of several of his pictures.

dinsdag 29 december 2009

Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary Arts

Serving as an interface among University of Iowa facilities, Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary Arts is committed to the collection and preservation of works and papers of contemporary artists and to the facilitation and dissemination of research related to the post-World War II avant-gardes. ATCA is composed of a complex body of artifacts and documentation spanning such phenomena as Fluxus, event arts and happenings, book works and visual poetry, artists' video, correspondence works, conceptual art, performance relics, and artists' papers. The conceptual thread that binds the ATCA collection together is that it represents what has been described as the Marcel Duchamp/John Cage legacy and provides eloquent evidence of recurrent challenges to introverted formalism and its prerequisite assumptions about the hegemony of the object

especially this section:
Latin American Realities/International Solutions

image show

maandag 28 december 2009

Iosif Kiraly

Ileana Pintilie: Your beginnings as an artist lie in performance art. Does performance still play a role in your work today, or was it tied to the specific conditions that existed under the Communist regime? What are the links between photography and performance in your work?

Iosif Kiraly: I would say that my beginnings as an artist lie in something I would call “performance photography” because those early performances were conducted with photography in mind. Due to the fact that the Communist regime did not consider performance to be a valid art form and did not allow them to take place in public spaces, each of those performances was made (and staged) in a private or isolated place. In order to reach an audience, such a performance had to first become a photograph, because photographs could travel in space (e.g. as mail-art objects) and preserved for future audiences. Now I can say that for me, each performance I conducted during the period of Communism was a photographic “message in a bottle.”

zondag 27 december 2009

Flash Artifacts (2009), Danny Snelson and João Enxuto

In Flash Artifacts (2009), Danny Snelson and João Enxuto re-edit selections from UbuWeb's streaming video archive, exploring the conditions that momentarily "clothe and house" classic avant-garde film and video works. In particular, this editorial exercise investigates online versions of media-reflexive cinema, reprograming works designed to address media technologies now verging on obsolescence.
source: Ubuweb (with artists Playlist)

Flash Artifacts (2009), Danny Snelson and João Enxuto (30:24)
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zaterdag 26 december 2009

Artificial Owl

Artificial Owl is “a site dedicated to provide on a daily basis a selection of the most fascinating abandoned man-made creations.”

vrijdag 25 december 2009

William S. Burroughs -The Junky's Christmas

William S. Burroughs -The Junky's Christmas (21:27)
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o Gupa

Burroughs takes down a book and reads us the story of Danny the Carwiper, who spends Christmas Day trying to score a fix, but finds the Christmas spirit instead.

donderdag 24 december 2009

Pool Gallery - Cum* Give Up the Goods

Die drei Künstler – Lieven Deconinck, Robin De Vooght und Gaëtan Begerem – haben sich im Jahr 2002 in Gent kennengelernt. Kurz danach formierten sie sich zur Künstlergruppe Cum*, heute bekannt für ihre umstrittenen Arbeiten auf Papier, Stoff, Holz und verschiedenen anderen Materialien.

Cum* nutzt die Tatsache, dass uns das Internet tagtäglich einen noch nie zuvor gekannten Zugang zu privaten Bildern und anderen scheinbar unnützen Daten verschafft. Selten frei von Gewalt und Sex, sind die Arbeiten von Cum* als ironische Kommentare zur gegenwärtigen Jugendkultur zu lesen. Die unerschöpfliche Quelle des Internets wird
von Cum* angezapft und in der realen Welt, im öffentlichen Raum in Form zeitgenössischer Kunst wieder reinstalliert.

Pool Gallery
Ausstellung: 20. November 2009 – 16. Januar 2010
Tucholskystraße 38 / Ecke Auguststraße
10117 Berlin Mitte, Germany
fon .49.30.24342462

woensdag 23 december 2009

Atelier Limo

Located in Berlin, Atelier Limo was founded by 2 architects [Simon Brunel and Nicolas Pannetier] who have been developing since 2006 specific investigation methods to deal with themes related to space, memory and identity. With the project “S'winoujs'cie – San Bartolomeo” a method was used, based on observation in-Situ, tracing itineraries, and collecting information using different medias : texts, videos, schemes, photos, and sound.
source: Atelier Limo

trailer « la frontière intérieure » (03:03)


dinsdag 22 december 2009

Ivo Nikic

Important attributes of his work are his painter’s instinct and boyish curiosity, which manifest in his detailed and sensitive observation of the pulsating cityscape.
Ivo Nikic' paints fragments of the cityscape that are often overlooked. In his works, he frames destroyed and used objects, ordinary litter floating on the wind and the seemingly unexceptional nooks of an apartment as if they are dream scenes. Silently, calmly, nostalgically Nikic' traces the smallest trails of human activity, which in their transience are variable. In his attentive analysis of the overlooked, he poses an eternal "Why?" The question becomes a trail that leads to unexpected discoveries, of which his paintings are the evidence. Thus his work frames and magnifies the over-real world of the ignored fragments of our surrounding reality.
The calm colors and gentle style of the contrast with the strong forms of the chosen subject matter, bestowing an ethereal quality on Nikic''s work.
Pojedynek Robotów 2009

maandag 21 december 2009

Annette Lemieux

Though she’s been called a conceptual artist, “That’s just for lack of a better term,” says Annette Lemieux, professor of the practice of studio arts in the department of visual and environmental studies. Maybe “mixed-media artist” comes closer;

“You can do anything possible, as long as it’s good,” Lemieux says. “You can’t stop an idea.”
harvardmagazine (2007)

zondag 20 december 2009

Foot deformities (1934)

Description: This is a sales film highlighting the many uses of Elastoplast in medicine. The film indicates that there was an accompanying publication. There are six titles in the series; this is the sixth, and shows examples of various foot deformities.
Duration: 14 mins 40 secs
Credits: Produced by T.J. Smith & Nephew Ltd.
Year: 1934
Subjects: Medical sciences
Segment 1: The condition hallux valgus (bunion) is described and treatment is demonstrated. Next, treatment of the condition hallux valgus with bursitis is described by the intertitles, and demonstrated. Next, the condition 'drop foot' is described and treated using Elastoplast.
Segment 2: The condition flat foot is described and treated. The condition metatarsalgia is described and treated with Elastoplast. The treatment of ingrowing toenails is described by the intertitles and demonstrated. Talipes (club foot) is described and treated.

Foot deformities (1934)(14:41)
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via: ofellabuta (Hugo SB)

zaterdag 19 december 2009

FIT – Dida Zende

It is the mission of FIT to be all inclusive in its commitment to exploring the full spectrum of human and societal creativity, including those expressions not commonly valued by society.
The social sculpture FIT – initiated by the artist
Dida Zende – represents places where creative energies can be refuelled. After Berlin, Ludwigshafen/Tyskland, Kaufdorf/Schweiz and Miami/USA the fifth dependance opens in the heart of Copenhagen, also this time with the help and support from many volunteers.

Gulf Defence Magazine - the cheapest war movie ever!!!!!! (11:40)
Berlin 2001 , Farbe . Stereo , DV-Format.
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Dieser Kriegsfilm ist eine Zusammenarbeit mit Guido Hammes.Auf einfachste Weise wird hier die ganze Dramaturgie eines Krieges gezeigt.
Die Bilder lieferte ein waffenmagazin ( Gulf Defence Magazine), der ton wurde beim Abfilmen simuliert (rattattaa,bum,peng)


vrijdag 18 december 2009

Sophia Peer

Sophia Peer's installations invite you to a familiar place disguised and re-organized, where day-to-day reality has been brattishly mangled into a fiction that better suits her. Using video, sculpture, and photography, Peer stubbornly forces herself and others into false intimacies, highlighting relationships that aren't there while making unlikely emotional connections.
gawker artists

Ponytail - Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came From an Angel)(07:00)
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IMDb - Sophia Peer

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