zaterdag 31 januari 2009

Julia Tschaikner

Julia Tschaikner, a young Austrian artist that lives in Berlin, through a painting made up of different levels, puts in the heart of her job a reflection on the complexity and ambiguity of the relationships among people and between people and their society, in connection with the multiplicity and speed of images that we face everyday. Through light coloured canvases, fresh and spontaneous, in contradiction with the dramatic force of the subjects, the artist's narration is centralized on people's sense of confusion inside the cold contemporaneousness.
kunstaspekte - Giuliana Montrasio 2004


addictive: n00b

vrijdag 30 januari 2009

John Martyn (11 September 1948 – 29 January 2009)

John Martyn, May You Never


Philip Ross

Artist, amateur bio-engineer and member of the San Francisco mycological society, Philip Ross uses living organisms as the inspiration and means by which he makes his work. Through the design and creation of highly controlled environments, Mr. Ross manipulates, nurtures and transforms a variety of living species into sculpture.
source: machineproject



donderdag 29 januari 2009

Sencer Vardarman

Sencer Vardarman’s photographs, collages and installations are inspired by a vast collection of systematically organized data and information that he continues to compile through intense research. These archives are the source for his works, which are based on the notion, that a statement is only as effective as its visual perception. Thematically, the artist mainly deals with subject matters such as globalism, economics and urban culture revealing relations between different structures.

woensdag 28 januari 2009


Christopher Walken sings Delilah
excerpt from "Romance and Cigarettes" (04:26)
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dinsdag 27 januari 2009

Glen Baldridge

Glen Baldridge uses an eraser to create contrasting white trunks amidst the black pencil. The resulting works are stark and beautiful, wherein lies the paradox of Baldridge's work. He treats heavy topics like environmental destruction with a certain humor and lightness. Baldridge keeps a balance
source: vmagazine - Christopher Bartley

Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery

maandag 26 januari 2009

Sharon Mesmer

"Sharon Mesmer composes work for an extensive sweep of moments and possibilities. She can be equally trusted behind the wheel of a wide range of frameworks including verse, prose poetry, the short story and the novel. I don't know what is more remarkable about Sharon's writing: her facility with a variety of forms or the scope of her perceptions and the fullness of her sensory perceptions. Her keen vision travels without pause from the palpable contents of observation to dream-like passages which offer a feast of imagery and detail. And, of course, there is Sharon's dead-on humor and skillful crafting to make the everyday fantastical and the illusory seem probable."
source: cultureport – JoAnne Wasserman, former assistant director of the Poetry Project

Flarf Festival 06: Sharon Mesmer - four poems (07:57)
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Squid Versus Assclown

Arthur Treacher grabs my assclown

Assclown grabs my squid

Squid signs me up for the NOW Action Alert list

NOW Action Alert list adds ice cream to my Jäger bomb

Jäger bomb waits patiently to turn into a little boy

Little boy shoots a rather alarming streak of squid in the nose of Jesus

Nose of Jesus thinks 9/11 was a comedy about Afghanistan

Afghanistan is evidence that Bush hates black people

Black people likely hold political views about huge bat wings

Huge bat wings can’t sit still in the chair, do any work, or even hold my pee

My pee will whoop you like it whoops everything else

Everything else has a nice “cottage cheese butt” equal to a good “assclown”

Assclown will “find God”

God will “find squid”

Squid versus Assclown

Don’t hold your breath

Poetry: The Office is a Cruel Muse

zondag 25 januari 2009

Frans Zwartjes - Birds ,One[1968]

The incomparable Frans Zwartjes is a filmmaker, musician, violin-maker, painter and sculptor. In the late-60s he was one of the first Dutch visual artists to take up film, initially to document his performances and soon after as an independent medium perfectly suited to his way of creating visual art. His mind-bending works caused a furor, with psychological black-and-white imagery of heavily made-up and over-dressed actors from his circle of friends. Focused on sexually-loaded power games, hysteria, psychosis and cruelty, his films are largely edited ‘in-camera’. “My own motor system determined the film style”, Zwartjes stated in an interview. Zwartjes’s oeuvre includes over forty films and his style has left a strong stamp on at least two generations of experimental filmmakers in Holland. You’ve never seen anything quite like this.
anthology filmarchives

Zwartjes - Birds ,One[1968] (04:58)
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filminnederland - Experimentele Film


zaterdag 24 januari 2009

Rozalinda Borcila

There is a coincidence between power and image, between violence and representation
. Rozalinda Borcila’s work is an encounter with power in visual terms, beginning with the problem of looking and looking back. The work is deeply suspicious of established structures of representation, and often concerned with the ideological underpinnings of visual languages. More importantly, the artist considers the critical possibilities offered by small acts of transgression or trespass – considered not for their value as individual acts, but for the potential of their accumulation. The dynamic buildup of infinitely small disturbances changes structure into movement, being into becoming, a thing into a current. As this dynamic develops and builds, representation moves, strains against its surface, swells and eventually breaks.

Geography Lessons



vrijdag 23 januari 2009


From our 28 years of being creators, observers, and consumers of music, art, and video, our group, Negativland (warning: screen resizes!!), has witnessed incredible and wonderful shifts in the ways that the public is now able to create and distribute new work via digital technologies. We've also witnessed amazing changes in the way that money and corporate power has increasingly influenced policy, Congress, and the laws of our nation. At times, these changes are good. At other times, as I am sure you know, they benefit no one except the businesses lobbying you. We are concerned when this does not serve the public interest.

We believe that the healthy evolution of art and creativity has more value than simply counting how much money is lost or made. Art, science and technology have evolved because of how we all build upon the ideas and works of those who came before us. Copyright was always intended as a balancing act between giving ownership to creators so as to provide incentive to create new works, and allowing works to lapse into the public domain so that new ideas could develop.
digitalfreedom: Mark Hosler,on behalf of Negativland, 10/28/08

negativland - sound of music (02:05)

Negativland "No Other Possiblity" (06:21) YouTube


donderdag 22 januari 2009

David Opdyke

David Opdyke's work continually probes the contradictory impulses that drive contemporary culture, but his sardonic reflections on the complexities of globalization, rampant consumerism, and military escalation are underscored by his obsessive approach to materials, most of which are culled from childhood craft projects.
source: The University Art Museum, Albany



woensdag 21 januari 2009

Pablo González Trejo

If what we are is based on the experiences we have lived, and the memories of these experiences mutate with time, then we are no more than just a metaphor of ourselves.
source: artist statement
Pablo González Trejo


dinsdag 20 januari 2009

Janet Cardiff and George Bures

Since the early nineties, the husband-and-wife team of Cardiff and Miller have worked together on installations in which they use sound as the principal subject and raw material to create memorable spatial environments. Using binaural recording techniques to create three-dimensional sound spaces, their audio installations challenge the visitor's sensory experiences, pitting the sense of hearing in opposition with the sense of sight. Their installations also unite forms of high culture such as opera, German Expressionist cinema and French New Wave films with popular culture, such as B-movies, rock and roll and radio broadcasts.

Artists George Miller discusses with Rosie Whitehead his collaborative show with Janet Cardiff at The Fruitmarket Gallery. Filmed at the Fruitmarket Gallery, Market Street, Edinburgh (03:07)

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