maandag 12 januari 2009

Hasan Elahi

After an erroneous tip called into law enforcement authorities in 2002, Hasan Elahi was subjected to an intensive post 9-11 investigation by the FBI. After undergoing months of interrogations and nine lie-detector tests, he was cleared of suspicions. After this harrowing experience, Elahi conceived "Tracking Transience" (, a self-tracking system that constantly and publicly presents his exact location, activities, and other personal data to provide This self-surveillance project is a critique of contemporary investigative techniques and provides an ongoing "alibi" for Elahi in the event of future accusations
source: UC Berkeley

Privacy bestaat al lang niet meer
(NRC juni 2007)

Hasan Elahi Detained By FBI (03:15)
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Rhizome Panel Discussion: Hasan Elahi part 1 (06:44) part 2 (02:24)

Signal Fire - Going Public with Privacy: an interview with artist Hasan Elahi

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