vrijdag 23 januari 2009


From our 28 years of being creators, observers, and consumers of music, art, and video, our group, Negativland (warning: screen resizes!!), has witnessed incredible and wonderful shifts in the ways that the public is now able to create and distribute new work via digital technologies. We've also witnessed amazing changes in the way that money and corporate power has increasingly influenced policy, Congress, and the laws of our nation. At times, these changes are good. At other times, as I am sure you know, they benefit no one except the businesses lobbying you. We are concerned when this does not serve the public interest.

We believe that the healthy evolution of art and creativity has more value than simply counting how much money is lost or made. Art, science and technology have evolved because of how we all build upon the ideas and works of those who came before us. Copyright was always intended as a balancing act between giving ownership to creators so as to provide incentive to create new works, and allowing works to lapse into the public domain so that new ideas could develop.
digitalfreedom: Mark Hosler,on behalf of Negativland, 10/28/08

negativland - sound of music (02:05)

Negativland "No Other Possiblity" (06:21) YouTube


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