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Sharon Mesmer

"Sharon Mesmer composes work for an extensive sweep of moments and possibilities. She can be equally trusted behind the wheel of a wide range of frameworks including verse, prose poetry, the short story and the novel. I don't know what is more remarkable about Sharon's writing: her facility with a variety of forms or the scope of her perceptions and the fullness of her sensory perceptions. Her keen vision travels without pause from the palpable contents of observation to dream-like passages which offer a feast of imagery and detail. And, of course, there is Sharon's dead-on humor and skillful crafting to make the everyday fantastical and the illusory seem probable."
source: cultureport – JoAnne Wasserman, former assistant director of the Poetry Project

Flarf Festival 06: Sharon Mesmer - four poems (07:57)
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Squid Versus Assclown

Arthur Treacher grabs my assclown

Assclown grabs my squid

Squid signs me up for the NOW Action Alert list

NOW Action Alert list adds ice cream to my Jäger bomb

Jäger bomb waits patiently to turn into a little boy

Little boy shoots a rather alarming streak of squid in the nose of Jesus

Nose of Jesus thinks 9/11 was a comedy about Afghanistan

Afghanistan is evidence that Bush hates black people

Black people likely hold political views about huge bat wings

Huge bat wings can’t sit still in the chair, do any work, or even hold my pee

My pee will whoop you like it whoops everything else

Everything else has a nice “cottage cheese butt” equal to a good “assclown”

Assclown will “find God”

God will “find squid”

Squid versus Assclown

Don’t hold your breath

Poetry: The Office is a Cruel Muse

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