zaterdag 14 februari 2009

Radovan Cerevka

Radovan Cerevka focuses upon on mediated reality within his work; he is interested in the areas named as conflict zones, from which the real information is limited or missing. In the undertone of his work one can observe criticism of the distribution system of media information which is treated as objective. The author comments on his work: “I try to accumulate various informational sources and introduce an imaginary picture of pluralism and democracy within a global media environment. I intentionally excluded the statements made by Iran in order to reach the comparison of outside views on the Iranian problem. The information collected does not differ much, because the leadership of four main information agencies is determining the so called program of the day“.
source: Kukurová

black chucho (01:55)

K2 Lektionen 2 (2004 - 10:17 min.)

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