zondag 1 februari 2009

Space Hijackers: tuesday september 11th - tank day

The Space Hijackers will not be held responsible for any trouble that you get into after reading the content of this website. All of the views and actions contained within it are completely ludicrous and we actually believe the opposite.

All of the actions and projects documented in this site are fake, we are just very good at photoshop.

Do yourself a favour, go out buy a McDonalds, wash it down with a Starbucks whilst sitting in the window seat checking out all the other people in their GAP clothes just like yours. You will find that life is much more fulfilling if you go down the path of the Global Capitalists. Sweatshop labour is a lie invented by mean hearted lefties, so that you can save your money to buy their papers.

Town planners do an excellent job of protecting local character (Which incidentally is over-rated anyway). What we actually need are more coffee shops and Malls and less local small run businesses. After all this is what the punters want isn't it?

The Space Hijackers believe completely in the good hard work of the IMF, World Bank and WTO. We think big multinationals are brilliant, and all wear Nike thongs.

If you still want to see the poorly designed, badly spelt, spoof anarchist/anti-capitalist/troublemaking website, please click below:


Plan C: The Bird (second tank of the Space Hijackers) (19:34)
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