vrijdag 6 februari 2009

Valérie Favre

With allegorical images both "open” and complex, Valérie Favre seems to advance on the anecdotal treasure of art history to which the painter’s envy of the narrative power of cinema, theatre and literature belongs their temporal nature. A hybrid web of narrations provoke an expanded depth of field of the observation time owing to the simultaneousness of both abstract and figurative vocabularies. The discursive and exhaustive medium of painting serves to focus the painter, with as much sincerity as humour, upon a specific narrative wealth which finds its essential nature in the singular imaginary worlds of the author. Instead of enriching the contemporary revival of stylised individualism, Valérie Favre locates her painting more classically within popular archetypes such as current mainstream narratives. Painting as a B-Movie.
: wohnmaschine



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