woensdag 4 maart 2009

Dotty Attie

All looking involves risk - to the voyeur as well as to the person or object of the gaze. Part of the pleasure in scopophilia is derived from the threat or guilt involved in looking at what is culturally taboo. Dotty Attie is an artist who isn't afraid of visual pleasure. She takes the viewer into the operating amphitheater of art history and seduces us into watching, in sensual slow motion, a detailed pictorial exegesis of the meta-narratives of art history. The paintings she dissects are all well known to us: part of our visual history, images already seen within this culture. Attie, like the painters she copies, is a realist, which, as Roland Barthes explains, is not to copy reality but to pastiche things already given within a culture, "to unroll the carpet of the codes." Attie unrolls the codes very slowly, freeze-frame by freeze-frame, heightening the significance of the fragments, increasing the erotic charge of the intersection of bodies and fabric, making the process of viewing more sensual and the viewer more conscious of the act of viewing
Laughter Ten Years After

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