zaterdag 28 maart 2009

Michal Jankowski

In his most recent work of Michael Jankowski is radically in favor of a relationship between humanity and the world of animals. For his motto could take a sentence from the book by Milan Kundera "unbearable lightness of being"

The real and most important test of human morality is the treatment of our beings, our most in need of mercy. Merciless treatment of animals is a fundamental error, which leads to collapse, causing nieobliczalne consequences.

For the artist the images are a drastically distorted presentation of the bodies, death and mayhem. Man is made to animal aggression, hunting, killing at slaughterhouses, the test subject, using all possible ways and not described for their suffering.
This man can become a victim of his cruelty. Without the face, in the virtual skin - the animals may eventually repay cruelly and painfully.
source: wegetarianie

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