woensdag 29 april 2009

Lucas Murgida

Appearing on city sidewalks or littering back alleys, decommissioned furniture is given a chance at a second life. Items like an old cathoderay television or a suspiciously stained sofa appear at random and dare passersby to adopt them despite their faults. Sometimes these byproducts of commodity culture’s planned obsolescence have FREE signs attached, assuring the potential owner of their transitional status. Working with this logic of the street-side gift, San Francisco based artist Lucas Murgida occupied a piece of furniture as a performance project. “A cabinet will be constructed and left on a sidewalk. I will be hidden inside and not reveal myself until someone assumes possession and brings the cabinet to their home.” By locking himself into the bottom compartment, Murgida transformed a cabinet into a trojan horse.
nuke (pdf)


Lucas Murgida: muster retrodiction
opening friday may 1, 2009 7 - 10 pm 667 Shotwell
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