woensdag 20 mei 2009

Maureen Gallace

Small, bucolic paintings slowly give way to perfidious abstractions that have relatively little to do with the vernacular structures of the New England landscape that they depict. Maureen Gallaces paintings are welcomingly complex if you give them time.
Simple geometries rendered with slightly faulty perspectives comprise the barns, clapboard outbuildings and beach houses that occupy the middle space of her pictures.
Gallace is pictorially consistent, repeating a compositional format that includes stripped-down architectural structures centred in a middle ground. Her horizons are predictably located near the half-way point of her paintings. Her foregrounds are vacant, and swaths of open sky constitute the background. This formula provides her with an opportunity for painterly invention in colour, form, surface and contrast.
source: Michelle Grabner -
Frieze Magazine 2006



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