zondag 26 juli 2009

Don't call me crazy on the 4th of July

don't call me crazy on the 4th of july is both biography and history, as the film explores Lansberry's collision with the government's Cold War research into techniques of mind control, and his claims of being an unwitting subject of these experiments.

It begins with a central enigma: why would a sporadically homeless man toting a two-sided sandwich board in downtown Pittsburgh be the matter of a 400 page FBI file? In rare interview footage, we hear Lansberry's own vindication of his remarkable saga, leading up to the unlikeliest of all Congressional campaigns. Filling in with supporting commentary are interviews with witnesses and experts from various fields, among them, Gilbert Marhoefer, member of the Apes of God whose spoken word song "Why Can't Lansberry Get His Mail?" is played over the credits.

Don't call me crazy on the 4th of July - (2004)Richard Pell (29:33)
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