maandag 27 juli 2009

rux-werx-here - Velodrum

Rux (a.k.a. Rui Pereira)
Velodrum is a human-powered sequencer inspired by bycicles, the 'piano mecanique' and the classic Techno sequencer Roland-808.
For this project I explored and researched sequencing and percursion and how the instruments and interfaces changed the music creation: from manual input to the first mechanically automated instruments stepping up to electronic music and electronic hardware interfaces. Also the evolution of scoring and score visualization techniques were extremely influential in my research (Music Animation Machine, piano roll, timelines, etc..)
What do bycicles have to do with rhythm?!..everything! the more steady one keeps the pace (rhythm) the longer you can go on a bycicle! Sometimes, litle sticks or dried pieces of grass get in between the wheel spokes, other times we voluntarily stick pieces of cardboard to produce rhythmic sounds by hitting the spokes.

The Velodrum (02:51)
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