donderdag 3 september 2009

Marina Rheingantz

In her painting, Marina Rheingantz carries out a geometric reduction of the landscape, bringing out elements that are individually identified such as a fence, a house or an awning. Replete with texture interplays in subdued hues, her canvases take us to places created by memory. The artist dedicates special attention to the borders of the color fields, which are highlighted through the use of irregularly applied paint, thin lines in lighted tones, or lateral edges painted in contrasting colors.
source: fortesvilaca

3 reacties:

Marina zei

Hi! i am marina, and have just seen the paintings here!
cool! how did you know it??

CE zei

Hi Marina, just a sharp eye and surfing in the right place, thanks.

Marina zei

hello! happy to see the paintings here!
how did you find it?

nice to meet you, i am marina!
all the best!

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