zaterdag 31 oktober 2009

Ali Momeni

Ali Momeni was born in Isfahan, Iran and emigrated to the United States at the age of twelve. He studied composition, improvisation and performance with computers at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies in UC Berkeley.
He is interested in interactivity in the arts, technologically mediated social interaction, gesture to sound/image mappings, and data-driven search and synthesis techniques. He also remains interested and active in improvisation, musical theater and instrument building
source: artist site

vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

Kurt von Bley

Vieles im Werk Kurt von Bley's dreht sich um das Thema „Verkaufen“. Wer im Medienzeitalter gut leben will, so der Künstler, muss etwas von sich preisgeben – zur Not auf Kosten von Intimität. Florian Silbereisen, der wirtschaftstüchtige Star deutscher Volksmusik - oder eher gesagt seine im Rahmen der 2008 im Bonner Haus der Geschichte exponierte rote Unterhose anlässlich der Ausstellung "Melodien für Millionen" - dient ihm hier als Inspiration für seine Mixed-Media-Installation „floriansilbereisenhatmichdefloriert“. Aber auch andere Facetten moderner Gesellschaftsprozesse spiegeln sich im Oeuvre von_bleys. So ist es die Wegwerf-Mentalität europäischer Industrieländer, die von Bley in ihrer Materialität unter der Kategorie „ENTSORGTE STRUKTUREN“ seziert, während die Werkgruppe „MATERIALVERLUST“ den künstlerischen Prozess der De- und Reorganisation von Struktur thematisiert.
source: Dr. Stefan Gronert (Kunstmuseum Bonn) - „wir sind papst, wir sind dirne!“

donderdag 29 oktober 2009

Art Business Consulting, video for the installation "Contact", 2009

Video ArtBusinessConsulting group for project "Openspace. Spaceship." Video showed inside installation. (03:40) via: rhizome
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Mark Andrew Webber

Emily Thomas: Why do you choose to carve words as map detail?

Mark Andrew Webber: The places I was making a map of, which started off as New York, were made up mainly of all these important places—these can be the more well-known areas: museums, the cafes, the shops, the parks, and churches. I chose to use the words, the names of the places, because some people will not even know what these places look like, yet they will have heard about them and know the name. I also like typography, so using type to make a map in this way, using various typefaces, seemed right since lots of the places, museums and shops use various typographies for their signs. The maps are getting more detailed, like the linomations.

woensdag 28 oktober 2009

Eva Nielsen

Malgré la présence d'éléments reconnaissables, vos scènes
d'intérieur s'apparentent à des compositions abstraites,
hors de tout contexte, de tout repères précis. Quel est le
sens véritable de ces représentations?

Je suis intéressée par un processus d’ultra composition : récréer bribes par bribes un semblant de lieu, un endroit faussement probable. Certaines de mes compositions recréent ainsi des résidus d’éléments familiers tels que l’axe d’une chaise ou la découpe d’un rideau. Cependant, une autre partie de mes compositions reprend plus clairement des pans entiers d’intérieur : mais le décor est mis à plat, écrasé, pour lui ôter toute possibilité d’accueil… Je ne veux pas que le spectateur puisse se figurer dans mes espaces peints. L’être humain y est banni, seul demeure son absence.
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dinsdag 27 oktober 2009

Jonas Wood

Jonas Woods paintings remind you that originality starts with sincerity of a high order. It has nothing to do with the irony-versus-no-irony dichotomy, which is false, or at least greatly exaggerated. Even ironists have to seriously mean what they do to be effective.
NYT - Roberta Smith dec.2008


maandag 26 oktober 2009

Chicks 'n' Computers

Chicks 'n' Computers

When is an Old Computer a Vintage Computer?
Finally, vintage computers are sometimes sought for their aesthetic value. A vintage computer that looks interesting due to its color, shape, and/or accessories is sometimes purchased and displayed as a form of modern art. Some aesthetically-valued vintage computers are even broken down and artistically changed to make them more interesting, such as replacing an old Macintosh’s monitor with a goldfish bowl or putting plastic eyes and mouse ears on a laptop.

1981 Commodore VIC 20 Close up of an 8 bit Milestone (03:07)
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zondag 25 oktober 2009

Andy Warhol- Kiss (1963)

Warhol started shooting movies in the Factory around 1963, when work began on Kiss. Warhol would screen movies at the Factory for his friends before they were released for public audiences. When Warhol could not find traditional theaters to show some of his more provocative films, he would sometimes turn to night-clubs or porn theaters

Warhol Kiss... 55:35
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zaterdag 24 oktober 2009

Ellen De Meutter

One of the remarkable things in the new works of Ellen De Meutter is the painterly qualities. The canvases display a large variety in paint treatment and alternate between transparent and paste-like paint surfaces. In addition, the ambition at the basis of the paintings is striking. Not only did De Meutter create several paintings with large sizes that have no precedent in her work to date,, the representations also possess a large complexity.
timvanlaeregallery (Sad Songs & Simple Stories 2008)

vrijdag 23 oktober 2009

Zilla Leutenegger

Zilla Leutenegger is one of the young artists who emerged in Zurich in the '90s. But by now she has left behind the scene's purely atmospheric lounge decorations and party duties. In her installations she takes up narrative elements in order to consolidate them into a comprehensive mythology of her own person. The artist herself continually appears in short sequences, but each work reveals new facets of a complex persona.

donderdag 22 oktober 2009

Savage Messiah / Laura Oldfield Ford.

In form and content, Laura Oldfield Ford’s work deliberately echoes 1970s and ‘80s anarcho-punk para-art. The photorealist militancy of Gee Vaucher, who produced the record covers and posters for punk band Crass, is perhaps the most obvious stylistic precedent, yet Ford’s work is far from pastiche or homage. It derives much of its power from the very contemporary urban struggles that it documents and contributes to. ‘I regard my work as diaristic; the city can be read as a palimpsest, of layers of erasure and overwriting’, Ford has said.
frieze magazine - Mark Fisher feb.2009

Savage Messiah - the cult London zine

woensdag 21 oktober 2009

Marco Paulo Rolla

When an artist knows technical certainties of the drawing, it manages to feel very often a special pleasure drawing. This reminds of me times in what the knowledge - to do with the hands good guarantee leaves what the western society was needing to build his image itself of dignity. It is what sometimes it takes place to me when I see the visual production of Marco Paul Rolla. It is like a sensation of which, in the Drawing, the artist found a perceptive filter through which his artistic creation is structured. Rolla uses his inventive capacity to transmit wills and thoughts through the form that he learnt to realize. According to Marco Paul, it is important materials are trying since this produces a muscular and cerebral movement that stimulates constantly his creative process. Figurative, pictótica, escultórica, photographic, constructive, videográfica, performática.
galeriavermelho (translated)

Canibal (performance - 2004)
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dinsdag 20 oktober 2009

Nick Mauss

Nick Mauss generally makes works on paper that incorporate elements of printed matter (framing or serial repetition of forms, for example) with painterly gesture. In his new sculptural works, primed aluminum is printed with elements from Mauss’ own drawings and then cut and folded up. The aluminum becomes a physical representation of the two dimensional page while the mark of the hand is mechanized through the printing process.

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