woensdag 21 oktober 2009

Marco Paulo Rolla

When an artist knows technical certainties of the drawing, it manages to feel very often a special pleasure drawing. This reminds of me times in what the knowledge - to do with the hands good guarantee leaves what the western society was needing to build his image itself of dignity. It is what sometimes it takes place to me when I see the visual production of Marco Paul Rolla. It is like a sensation of which, in the Drawing, the artist found a perceptive filter through which his artistic creation is structured. Rolla uses his inventive capacity to transmit wills and thoughts through the form that he learnt to realize. According to Marco Paul, it is important materials are trying since this produces a muscular and cerebral movement that stimulates constantly his creative process. Figurative, pictótica, escultórica, photographic, constructive, videográfica, performática.
galeriavermelho (translated)

Canibal (performance - 2004)
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