donderdag 26 november 2009

Graham Gillmore

Graham Gillmore’s paintings and works on paper employ layer upon layer of text, imagery, ideas, memories. They reveal deliberate obfuscations and willful misunderstandings. He describes his works as incorporating “multi layered texts, palmpests [sic] of memory, revisions, cancellations, second thoughts.” Dion Kliner writes “One of the things Gillmore uncovers with his erroneous juxtapositions and mischievous word play is the notion of sub-text, of some idea, some thing or some text buried within another. Look, even at his misspelling of ‘palimpsest,’ which he makes ‘palimpests’.... By pairing it with ‘memory,’ Gillmore insinuates a more accurate sense of the persistence and pestiness that memory can truly be, especially in affairs of the heart.” (Kliner, catalogue essay).

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