zondag 15 november 2009

Lodz Kaliska

The group Lodz Kaliska was established in 1979 in its namesake town, Lodz. Since its foundation, members have included Marek Janiak, Andrzej Kwietniewski, Adam Rzepecki, Andrzej Swietlik and Makary (Andrzej Wielogórski). Formed in 1979 under a cloud of scandal, it was originally a neo-vanguard art group with an aim of exploring the photo-media aspect of seeing and reception that originated within Conceptualism, in the domain of photography, experimental film and performance.
In 1980-81 the group changed its focus more on Dada-ist happenings and a message of Surrealist anarchism. This agenda sought to attack and ridicule the Polish Neo-Vanguard scene as well as depict the absurdity of life under socialism

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