dinsdag 29 december 2009

Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary Arts

Serving as an interface among University of Iowa facilities, Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary Arts is committed to the collection and preservation of works and papers of contemporary artists and to the facilitation and dissemination of research related to the post-World War II avant-gardes. ATCA is composed of a complex body of artifacts and documentation spanning such phenomena as Fluxus, event arts and happenings, book works and visual poetry, artists' video, correspondence works, conceptual art, performance relics, and artists' papers. The conceptual thread that binds the ATCA collection together is that it represents what has been described as the Marcel Duchamp/John Cage legacy and provides eloquent evidence of recurrent challenges to introverted formalism and its prerequisite assumptions about the hegemony of the object

especially this section:
Latin American Realities/International Solutions

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